Saturday, May 8

Character is too strong, easy to suffer from hypertension?

We know that there are many causes of hypertension, in addition to the patient's own disease, but also with the external environment, habits, diet, emotions, genetics and so on have a great relationship. Many of these causes of hypertension can be prevented. A new survey has found that people with competitive personalities have a higher risk of hypertension than those with other personalities.

This is mainly because the changes in mood cause blood pressure fluctuations, such as strong anxiety, tension, anger, fear, depression and other emotional fluctuations, as well as long-term heavy labor and excessive mental fatigue, which are the inducing factors of primary hypertension. When people are in anger or pain, the increase of peripheral arterial resistance leads to a significant increase in diastolic blood pressure; in fear, due to the increase in blood output from the heart, the systolic blood pressure also increases.

If we have some stress talk with patients with hypertension, we will find that the blood pressure of patients will be significantly increased. If the patients who have already suffered from hypertension are given nervous stimulation, the patient's condition will be aggravated, and even the fluctuating hypertension will be transformed into persistent hypertension. This shows that the stimulation of psychosocial factors affects people's psychological state, which is directly related to blood pressure.

The formation of primary hypertension is also related to people's personality. People who are easy to be excited, competitive, ambitious, often feel that time is not enough and psychological pressure is great, or people who are too straightforward, timid and often depressed are more likely to suffer from hypertension.

Small ways to keep you away from high blood pressure

1. Keep a good sleep

Poor sleep will cause a lot of impact on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, which will lead to high blood pressure, and long-term poor sleep will lead to the occurrence of hypertension, so in order to prevent hypertension, it is necessary to have a good sleep.

2. Relax yourself properly and don't have too much pressure

With the development of the times, the pressure of life is increasing. Many people are under the pressure from all aspects, which leads to the mental and physical body can not relax. In the long run, it will cause high blood pressure. Therefore, we should learn to relax ourselves properly, learn to reduce pressure, sing songs, go out for a tour, and slow down the pace of life, which is conducive to spiritual health Kang.

3. Change bad habits and keep a regular life

The diet requires the principle of low supplement, smoking cessation and alcohol restriction, maintaining a light and balanced diet, eating more high fiber food, and reducing tonic, sweet food and high cholesterol diet. At the same time, we should keep a regular life, eat regularly every day, sleep regularly, exercise regularly, etc.

4. To achieve low salt, low fat diet

Eating too much salt, too much fat will cause blood pressure to rise, so to stay away from high blood pressure, you need to do a low salt, low-fat diet.

5. Exercise properly

Moderate exercise can improve cardiovascular and cerebrovascular function, prevent the occurrence of hypertension, but do not excessive exercise Oh, especially those with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases must be careful when exercising, excessive exercise may cause angina pectoris, heart failure, stroke and sudden death. It is generally believed that the heart rate of 60 years old can reach 110-120 times / min; the heart rate of 70 years old can reach 100-11 When the heart rate of 80 years old reaches 90-100 beats / min, the amount of exercise is appropriate.