Saturday, May 8

Choose a suitable psychologist and treat psychological consultation correctly

In China, doctors who treat diseases or disorders related to mental health are called psychiatrists. Many years ago, there was a popular book called "psychiatrist". It is not a professional journal, but it plays a positive role in popularizing psychological knowledge and promoting mental health. However, with the popularization of psychology and the increasing demand for psychotherapy in contemporary China, people still have a lot of confusion about the understanding and selection of psychiatrists. They often don't know how to choose a suitable psychologist, where to go to find a psychologist, and what are the characteristics of various professionals who can provide psychological consultation and treatment services, etc.

We should correctly see the issue of psychological consultation

If you start to think "counseling = mental illness," then you're in the wrong place. Modern people are under so much pressure and people's hearts are unstable. Who is not upset? However, some people have higher EQ and stronger pressure resistance. Psychological counseling is just to release negative energy, accumulate positive energy and face life better! So maybe it's out of the question. It's impossible for China to do well.

Don't consult a psychiatrist you know

General psychological counseling is very taboo to find acquaintances, most people are like this: if you have something on your mind, you should tell it to strangers, but keep your mouth shut to your closest people. Especially for some tycoons, psychological counseling is to find provincial ~ if you and psychiatrists know each other in life, then you can't open your heart, the consultation effect is much worse.

I also pay attention to another phenomenon, but after all, it's not a professional. I don't know if it's right. It's just consulting, finding the opposite sex, and feeling good about it.

After confirming the choice of psychiatrist, don't change people casually

Psychological counseling comes by stages, and once a psychologist takes over, don't change it. Because you already have a sense of trust in the TA, and then talk to strangers, but also to cultivate a sense of trust.

For psychologists, even if they are at the level of God, they need to know their counselors first. It takes a lot of time. What's more, every psychologist's method is different, and the situation will get worse!

You can't consult more than one psychologist at the same time. Better always have one. If it's the doctor's advice, it's OK.

Don't be stiff at the beginning

Is it useful to see a psychologist? When a lot of people are just consulting, they are very stiff and can't open up the situation. They are also afraid of their speeches. It's not very effective. It's better to observe the situation around from the beginning. Many psychological consultation rooms (yes, I've seen many of them because of work reasons) are relatively warm. This is to ease people's tension. Most counselors will pour water for you to drink. Just accept it gladly, but also to ease your mood.

If you feel your emotions flowing, you can express them

Some people cry or even shout at the end of counseling. In fact, this is a kind of pressure relief. If the person consulted is the same from head to toe, it means that consultation has no effect. The purpose of our psychological consultation is to release the negative energy in our heart. Some people may feel that they lose face. In fact, it is too normal for a psychologist.

Psychological counseling room is generally equipped with sleep room, as well as vent room, graffiti wall, can be used with Oh.

Many people can't sleep well at night. They have too many mental problems and their nerves are weak. They can sleep for a while before and after psychological consultation. There are usually matching sleeping measures. The person with bigger psychological pressure can also go to the catharsis room (silent), and release the negative energy in the heart well.

How to see a psychologist?

Generally, it is charged by the hour, so you need to make an appointment in advance. It ranges from 100 to hundreds per hour. God level, plus.

Don't panic if you don't have money. Generally, psychological consultation can be conducted once a week for one hour at most. And as the degree of treatment increases, the frequency will decrease. For example, once a week, if the situation improves, it will become two weeks (half a month), or even once a week, or even half a year.