Saturday, May 8

How can sensitive people overcome their own mentality

1. Adaptation method

Facing the object of anxiety bravely is the best way to overcome anxiety. The anxious person decomposes a fear situation into several small goals and gradually adapts to the situation, and will no longer be anxious in the face of it.

2. Relaxation methods

Anxiety can make people in a state of palpitation, muscle tension, body shaking and other adverse reactions. Physical relaxation can alleviate these discomfort and relieve anxiety. Physical relaxation can be achieved by taking deep breaths, which can help to eliminate tension and overcome anxiety.

3. Pay attention to rest

More rest can make the body and mind relaxed, reduce psychological anxiety. Therefore, pay attention to ensure adequate sleep. A hot bath before bedtime is more helpful for sleep quality.

4. Stay optimistic

Full of self-confidence, will let us face all kinds of difficulties to overcome, so as to resolve psychological anxiety. When you lack self-confidence, you may as well suggest yourself.

5. The way to pour out

Relaxation is a good way to solve psychological anxiety. We can express all our inner thoughts through talking. Let the person you're talking to be your supporter, help you get through the difficulties, and stay away from anxiety.

6. Distraction

If you feel upset recently, you can relax your mind and body by diverting attention, so that you can temporarily relieve the psychological pressure. You can listen to music, walk outside and so on.

How to prevent psychological anxiety

1. Limited access to information

In modern society, there will be a lot of information pouring into every corner of life every day. But too much information can be frustrating. If you don't limit the amount of information you receive, you will feel tired. Especially when there is too much information, you will worry too much. Choose to receive only information that is good for you.

2. Life is regular

In daily life, the anxiety in one's heart is closely related to the disorder of life. If you live a regular life, you will feel satisfied and peaceful in your heart. To keep your life in order, you can make a life plan and a daily schedule. You can take some measures to help yourself, such as buying an alarm clock to remind you to get up early. A specific small measure can reduce those unnecessary worries.

3. Form reasonable thinking

Usually encounter things, ask yourself more questions: are my ideas and thoughts correct? What are the possible adverse consequences? If something bad happens, how can I deal with it? What is the most reasonable solution to this situation?

4. Do your favorite activities

Sensitive people can relax a little bit, often practice calligraphy and painting, learn to play the piano, grow flowers and plants, fish by the water, and go to the park. As long as they like these activities, they can weaken all kinds of undesirable emotions in life, and let their attention be diverted, so that anxiety is not so easy to produce.

5. Act now

Once you feel unhappy and anxious, get rid of it immediately. Don't let yourself continue to indulge in melancholy. The longer you stay in a bad mood, the more difficult it is to get rid of it. Take immediate action to get rid of that bad feeling.

6. Leave the unfriendly

Some people are not respectful and friendly to themselves. If you think about it carefully, they are not suitable for communication, and they are not really like-minded friends. Is it worth wasting time to deal with them? It's better to leave as soon as possible and get rid of those people who are not good for themselves.

Look for optimism in the world around you

One of the most important factors in staying optimistic is the influence of the outside world on you. Optimism, like enthusiasm, can be contagious. So look for ways to create a beautiful environment!

A passer-by in your life. Try to spend more time with optimistic people and less with people who seem to complain all the time. A practical way to gain optimism is to talk to someone close to you about your current problems. Venting or saying it out loud can help you hear what's going on inside you and see how exaggerated your emotions are. By talking about these issues with someone who can help you, you can make a positive and constructive change in your world outlook.

Information that goes into your head. One of the easiest ways to create and maintain optimism is to read blogs and books regularly, as well as listen to and watch videos made by optimists.

Start your day by creating optimism

I have mentioned this method many times in the past. The plan of the day is in the morning. How you start the day will affect the time you follow.

A light and pleasant morning throughout the day reduces tension. Planning your day ahead of time will bring more positive energy to your day. Having porridge or coffee happily can help you maintain a positive and constructive mind set during the day when things don't go well.

To get such a good start, the practical way is to see and read something positive. Or have a conversation at breakfast that's inspiring or inspiring.

Three words make you optimistic

First sentence: it doesn't matter. No matter what happens, you should say "it doesn't matter" to yourself, because a positive and optimistic attitude is the first step to solve and overcome any difficulty.

Second sentence: forget it. There are many things in life that you can't achieve even though you try hard. Because as long as you have worked hard and fought for it, the result is not important.

The third sentence: it will pass. No matter how heavy the rain is and how many days it lasts, there will always be sunny days. Therefore, no matter what difficulties we encounter, we should face them with a positive attitude and firmly believe that there will always be sunny days after rain.

Only have a good mentality, can make their own psychological health, make their life and work to a higher level.