Saturday, May 8

How to effectively control their emotions?

People can not always be in a good mood, since there are setbacks and worries, there will be negative emotions. A mature person is not a person without negative emotions, but a person who is good at regulating and controlling his own emotions. So, how to adjust and control their emotions?

One is self encouragement. Comfort yourself with some philosophies or some famous sayings, and encourage yourself to fight against pain and adversity. Amuse yourself and make your mood better.

Second, consciousness control. When anger is about to break out, we should use consciousness to control ourselves, remind ourselves to be rational, and we can also carry out self suggestion: "don't get angry, anger will hurt the body.". People with self-restraint can generally control.

Third, environmental constraints. Environment plays an important role in regulating and restricting emotions. When feeling depressed, take a walk outside, can play a regulating role. When the mood is not happy, go to the amusement park to play games, will be depressed. When you are worried, the best way is to go to a funny movie.

Fourth, language regulation. Language is a powerful tool to affect emotions. If you are sad, reciting funny sentences can eliminate sadness. Self reminding, self command and self suggestion such as "controlling anger", "forbearance" and "calmness" can also regulate one's emotions.

Fifth, transfer. When the anger is rising, consciously shift the topic or do something else to distract attention, which can relieve the mood. Playing ball games, taking a walk and listening to pop music can also help to transfer the unpleasant feelings.

Six is comfort. When a person can't achieve a certain goal, in order to reduce his inner disappointment, he can find a reason to comfort himself, just as a fox can't eat grapes and say grapes are sour. It's not self deception. It's good to be an emotional relief once in a while.

Seven is humor. Humor is a kind of special emotional expression and a tool for people to adapt to the environment. With a sense of humor, people can maintain a positive and optimistic attitude towards life. Many seemingly vexed things, with the humorous method to deal with, often can make people's unhappiness disappear, immediately become relaxed.

Eight is catharsis. When encountering unpleasant things and grievances, don't bury them in your heart. Tell them to your intimate friends or relatives or cry a lot. This kind of venting can release the negative emotions accumulated in your heart, which is beneficial to maintaining physical and mental health. However, the object, place, occasion and method of venting should be appropriate to avoid hurting others.

Nine is to walk into nature. Nature's beautiful mountains and waters can often shake people's hearts. When you climb a mountain, you will feel open-minded. If you look at the sea, you will feel detached. Walking into the forest, you will feel everything is so fresh. This good feeling is often a good mood inducer.

Ways to stay happy

1. They can try new things; when people's life falls into the monotonous and dreary "old ways", they will feel unhappy. If they take part in a new activity, they can not only expand the field of life, but also bring new fun to life.

2. Have at least one hobby: one has good hobbies in life, such as collecting stamps, reading books, boating or planting flowers, which will make people feel full, satisfied and happy in life.

3. Make a few intimate friends: friendship is conducive to physical and mental health. When you are free, you can get together with your friends and have a broad talk. It can not only increase your knowledge and exchange information, but also tell your friends what you are angry about. Friends will help you solve your problems and enhance your confidence and courage to eliminate difficulties and worries.

4. Strive for more things: in life, if you rely too much on others and expect too much from others, you will be easily disappointed. If we can set up the idea that we can do what we can and try our best to do it well, we can avoid many bitter consequences brought by disappointment.

5. Learn to be tolerant and magnanimous: in life, even if the person who is very close to him / her irritates you and blames you, he / she should also relax the scale of blame. As time goes by, people will be happy to get along with you, and you will surely taste the joy and pleasure brought by harmonious interpersonal relationship.

6. Don't get stuck in a corner: you can't recognize the reason for death when you look at anything. Otherwise, it's easy to get involved. We should learn to look at things and analyze problems from different angles, find out different ways to solve problems, and get rid of the boredom caused by the rigidity of looking at problems.