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Is psychological pressure easy to induce cancer?

Medical psychologists point out that the prevalence rate of people with stable family, happy marriage, harmonious interpersonal relationship and reliable relatives and friends is significantly lower than those who are lonely or under great psychological pressure.

Medical research shows that psychosocial factors are important factors to determine human health. Medical psychologists have pointed out that the prevalence rate of people with stable family, happy marriage, harmonious interpersonal relationship and reliable relatives and friends is significantly lower than that of people living alone or under great psychological pressure. About 50% of human diseases are related to life style and behavior style, and life style and behavior style are mostly related to psychological factors, sometimes psychological factors even play a leading role.

At present, cancer is the leading cause of death among urban residents in China. Therefore, prevention of cancer should also pay attention to psychological, behavioral, environmental and other aspects. A retrospective study of 156 women with a history of uterine cancer was conducted. In 1977, German doctors investigated a large number of cancer patients and found that they had experienced long-term depression.

In 1980, 50 patients in oncology department of Bethune Medical University and 50 patients in Department of internal medicine were investigated retrospectively. The results showed that 37 patients (74%) in tumor group had experienced major mental trauma, while only 15 patients (30%) in internal medicine group. These studies have shown that mental trauma is closely related to the occurrence of malignant tumor.

The formation of a person's personality is related to everyone's living environment, cultural attainment, social status, family influence, school education and social practice. Therefore, the cultivation of good personality should start from an early age. People with optimistic, open-minded and upright personality often have scientific world outlook, correct outlook on life and dialectical thinking method; they can better adapt to work, life and social environment, have less worries and worries, and can quickly resolve themselves even if they have bad emotions; they often show enthusiasm, frankness and willingness to help others, and are easy to get help and understanding from others They are well tied and less contradictory.

When they encounter psychological stress reaction, they can also show strong tolerance. Such people have a strong ability of self-regulation of emotions, can maintain a happy mood, immune function can also be maintained at a normal level for a long time. However, the immune function of people with nervous, depressed, anxious and irritable, suspicious and emotional instability is often not perfect.

A good emotional state can make the brain and hypothalamus and other nerve centers act on immune cells by releasing hormones, neuropeptides, neurotransmitters and so on, so as to enhance the immune function, which is very beneficial to the prevention of diseases.

Some human cancers are caused by genetic inheritance, but genes can be divided into structural genes and regulatory genes. The latter can be expressed in a good direction due to people's good diet, environment and mental state, so as to avoid the occurrence of cancer.

Tips for quick decompression

1. Listing method

Please list out the pressure in your life, one, two, three, four... Once you write it out, you will be surprised to find that as long as you "break through" these so-called pressures can be gradually resolved.

2. Using words and imagination to relax

Through imagination, train thinking to "wander", such as "under the blue sky and white clouds, I sit on the flat green grass", "I am comfortable in the bathtub, listening to the beautiful light music". In a short period of time to relax, rest, let yourself get mental rest, you will feel peaceful, peaceful and peaceful.

3. Embrace the big tree

In some parks in Australia, many people hug big trees every morning. It's one of the ways they use to relieve psychological stress. It is said: hugging the tree can release the body's happiness hormone, which makes people feel refreshed.

4. Cry if you want to

Psychologists believe that crying can effectively relieve stress. They once measured the blood pressure of some adults, and found that 87% of people with normal blood pressure have cried, while most of the patients with hypertension say that they never cry. Therefore, it is better to know how to express emotions than to bury them in the heart.

5. Put on the right clothes

Put on a pair of favorite old pants, and then put on a loose shirt, you will unconsciously reduce the psychological pressure. Because wearing clothes for a long time will make people recall the feelings of a certain time and space, and people's emotions will also rise.

6. Watch horror movies

Experts in the UK suggest that people feel stressed at work because of their sense of responsibility. At this time, what they need is encouragement and spirit. So instead of using relaxation techniques to overcome stress, it's better to motivate yourself to face stressful situations, such as going to a horror movie. (of course, this method is not suitable for everyone, it depends on their own situation).

7. Paying attention to process and weakening utility law

Set a reasonable goal for yourself, enjoy the process of achieving the goal, and don't attach too much importance to the results.