Saturday, May 8

It's good for human body to open windows and ventilate every day

Many people always ignore the ventilation in the home. In fact, it is a good habit that we should develop. Health care work, we need to always pay attention to, whether it is habits or eating habits, we should do a good job in prevention. We should pay attention to the best daily window ventilation, window ventilation can keep indoor air fresh, and can avoid the risk of respiratory diseases. Now let's talk about the benefits of window ventilation.

What are the benefits of opening windows and ventilation to human body every day

Open windows to keep the air fresh inside the house:

Close the door and window of the bedroom, there is a special smell, this is lack of oxygen, will cause headache, palpitation, fatigue, blood pressure rise high. Open the window, dirty "room smell" will come out along the window, 30 minutes is enough to open the window.

Window opening can destroy the growth environment of pathogenic factors

No ventilation, low humidity living room, the most conducive to the spread of pneumococcus a. Ultraviolet rays in sunlight have a disinfection effect.

People can get more "air vitamins" -- negative ions by opening windows for ventilation

It is beneficial to regulate the human central nervous system and improve immunity. Windows can be opened in short time every day in turn, morning is the peak of all kinds of harmful gas emissions, so it is better to open windows at 9-11 am or 2-4 PM.

Seasonal alternation is the season of high incidence of infectious diseases, so we should pay more attention to indoor ventilation. Health experts point out that people not only need to go out and stretch themselves, but also open their windows. This folk proverb is also a positive and effective preventive measure.

In order to improve people's health, it is very important to keep the windows in the house ventilated. At ordinary times, we should master more details of life, in order to improve their indoor air.

Remember the five time points of opening windows for ventilation:

No matter whether you have the habit of ventilation or not, in order to be healthy, you must open the window for ventilation at the following five time points.

After getting up: after getting up, the room is full of exhaust gas and floating dust mites and dandruff at night. Be sure to open the window for ventilation.

Cooking: cooking fume is easy to stimulate the respiratory system. It is recommended to open the window while opening the range hood, and continue to ventilate for more than 10 minutes after the meal.

Take a bath: too much humidity in the bathroom is easy to produce mold, so you should open a window to ventilate after taking a bath.

Before going to bed: the factory stops working at night, there are less cars on the road, and the air quality will be higher. Opening the window for 10 minutes before going to bed can improve the indoor air and increase the oxygen content, which is conducive to sleep.

Cleaning: when cleaning the home will produce a lot of dust, it is best to wear a mask and open the window for ventilation.