Saturday, May 8

Lying in bed is an unhealthy message sent by the body, and a suggestion to get rid of this bad habit

Female friends, when you wake up in the morning every day, in addition to being lazy and don't want to get up, do you still have some uncomfortable problems? Please do not ignore these small symptoms, health problems are hidden in these symptoms, this is your body to give you sent out the unhealthy information, which is hidden disease ah, can not be careless Oh!

1. Dark circles appear on the face

If you say that dark circles, only occasionally patronize, it is likely that only stay up late, insomnia, or drink excessive coffee and other factors. However, if continuous or long-term existence, it is possible to show that your irregular menstruation, women before and after menstrual Qi and blood is not smooth, it is easy to form dark circles.

Of course, allergic rhinitis and other patients, or eye makeup removal is not complete, resulting in pigmentation, the usual lack of physical exercise, resulting in poor blood circulation, there are many factors in daily life, will make people unconsciously produce panda eyes.

Tips: dark circles indicate that you may suffer from some chronic diseases, such as poor digestion and absorption function, chronic gastritis, or chronic liver disease, so we should pay attention to it.

2. I feel dizzy when I get up in the morning

If you are an ol family in the office and get dizzy in the morning, the most likely reason is that you have a problem with your cervical vertebrae after using the computer for a long time. Cervical vertebra disease, can oppress vertebral artery, affect cerebral blood supply. If, at ordinary times, the amount of water and exercise is insufficient, blood viscosity is high, it is also easy to cause brain blood supply, oxygen shortage.

3. Bed rest affects gastrointestinal tract

Generally speaking, a moderate dinner is almost completely digested by 7:00 in the next morning. At this moment, the gastrointestinal tract starts to move according to the body's "hunger" information, and is ready to accept and digest new food. However, the sleepy people would rather leave their stomachs empty than get up for dinner because of their comfortable sleepiness. Day after day, as the gastrointestinal often occurs hunger peristalsis, the integrity of the mucosa is destroyed, it is easy to occur gastritis, ulcer and digestive and absorption dysfunction and other diseases.

4. Induced depression

Experts said that from the mental and psychological conditions, often lying in bed will induce depression and anxiety, depression is a high incidence of disease in winter, depression in sleep on the main performance in too much sleep time. If you find that your sleep habits have changed in the past three months, and you have morbid sleep too much, and you don't think about it once you sleep, or you are mentally depressed, you are not in high mood, and you are often tired, which affects your normal work and life, you should be alert whether you have the sleep disorder of "sick sleepiness".

In addition to "sick bed", healthy people often stay in bed is harmful. Studies have shown that the most serious environmental pollution, often not outdoors, but bedrooms, especially in winter. In winter, people often close the doors and windows when they sleep. After a night, the air in the bedroom is the most turbid in the morning. Even if the window is half opened, 23% of the air can not be circulated. These dirty air contains a large number of viruses, bacteria, carbon dioxide and dust particles, which have an impact on the disease resistance of human respiratory tract. Therefore, those who sleep with closed windows are prone to cold, cough, pharyngitis and other diseases.

5. "Poison" to breath

The air in the bedroom is the most turbid in the morning. Even if the windows are closed, 23% of the air can not be circulated and exchanged. If you take a local sample for testing, you will be surprised. The air contains a lot of bacteria, mildew and fermentation particles, carbon dioxide, water vapor and dust. It goes without saying that these impure ingredients will bring trouble to the body. No wonder those who sleep with closed windows often have a cold, cough, sore throat and dizziness. In addition, high concentration of carbon dioxide can stimulate the respiratory center, making people breathing uncomfortable. Some people think that if you suffer from the "poison" of carbon dioxide, memory and hearing may be impaired.

How to get rid of the problem of being bedridden??

Here are a few suggestions for you to get enough sleep.

Suggestion 1: buy more alarm clocks or set more alarm times on your mobile phone to wake you up in turn! For example, if you go to bed at 12 o'clock in the evening, you can set the alarm clock at 8:00 a.m., 8:10:00 a.m., and 8:20 a.m. before going to bed. It's better not to let yourself wait more than half an hour.

Suggestion 2: if your room is sunny, you'd better not close the curtain dead before going to bed. If the sun rises in the morning, you can send the sunshine to your room, and let father-in-law of the sun be responsible for waking you up. Ha ha.

Suggestion 3: when you are woken up by the alarm clock in the morning, give yourself a big slouch, then move your feet on the bed, and then get up and sit up and twist your waist. This should also help you get rid of the problem of staying in bed.

It should be noted that bed rest is also a disease, oh, be careful! I hope you can get rid of this bad problem as soon as possible!