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Nap is a good habit of life, three types of people have particular about taking a nap

Taking a nap is a good habit. It is a beauty sleep for women, and it is the same effect for men. We should pay attention to the prevention of body and do these good habits well in daily life, which is good for health preservation and can also avoid health problems. For many people, taking a nap all day is not good for their health? We should understand the harm of napping on the stomach.

What are the benefits of taking a nap often?

1. Improve memory. Sleep well at noon, can improve memory, people in ordinary if the brain will lead to excessive memory decline, resulting in brain energy shortage. Taking a nap can improve people's energy, improve their alertness and, more importantly, enhance their memory. In our learning process, memory is a very important thing. So after a morning of brain activity, be sure to take a lunch break to give your brain a rest time, so that their memory can be improved.

2. Cheer up. It is very important for us to keep our mood. A good sleep has a strong effect on our mood. Especially after a busy morning, taking a proper nap at noon can improve people's mood, reduce people's pressure, and stabilize their emotions. Some busy office workers usually take more naps, but also can make their pressure become less big, can drive away the depression.

3. Lower blood pressure. This is very important for people with unstable blood pressure. We all know that some friends who are stressed out are prone to high blood pressure. Getting enough sleep helps to lower blood pressure, and if you take a nap after work, it can also help relieve our high blood pressure. Some friends suffering from hypertension should not only take a proper nap at ordinary times, but also maintain good work and rest habits and diet rules, so as to effectively relieve hypertension.

4. Protect your heart. Keep your heart in a healthy state. Taking a nap has a powerful heart protecting function and can relieve the cardiovascular system. In normal times, if we are too nervous or stressed, the heart will become very fragile. If there is a certain lunch break, it can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, but also reduce the body's tension and pressure.

Do not let yourself have been in a state of fatigue, if we often let our body in an overload state, the body will cause a lot of diseases. So we must keep an adequate sleep at ordinary times, and we must take appropriate lunch break during lunch break, so that people will not often feel tired. In particular, some children with insufficient immunity should form the habit of taking a nap at ordinary times. Don't let the lack of sleep delay the growth of the brain.

There are three types of people who have a good afternoon nap

If you want to take a nap or not, you should let it go. If you meet the following characteristics, you need to pay attention to it. Otherwise, it may do more harm than good.


People with insomnia usually don't have good and regular sleep habits, but they are very easy to get sleepy at 2-4 p.m. At this time, if you indulge yourself in a comfortable sleep, you may not be able to cultivate sleepiness in the evening.

If you are very sleepy, allow yourself to sleep for 15-20 minutes.

People who are fatter

Fat people may have some problems in carbohydrate and lipid metabolism. The metabolism of human body is relatively slow in sleep state, so it is not conducive to weight control for fat people.

If you have a nap habit, it is recommended to reduce the high calorie, high-fat diet for lunch.

Sleeping man

After lunch, blood will rush to the digestive organs, resulting in decreased blood supply to the brain. In addition, lower blood pressure in summer may cause dizziness. When you get up after a nap, don't get up immediately. You should open your eyes and rest for 2-3 minutes before getting out of bed to prevent falling.

The harm of napping

1. Affect breathing. Because lying on the stomach is not comfortable to breathe, taking this position also affects breathing. Because it increases the curvature of the body, resulting in poor breathing, chest can not be very good to stretch, the body's oxygen supply will be insufficient. Women's chest compression posture can also induce a variety of heart or breast diseases.

2. Compression of the eyeball affects vision. The impact on the eyeball is also relatively large, not a long sleep posture. Experts say sleeping on your stomach can cause stress on your eyes, and temporary blurring of vision usually occurs after a nap. If long time, in the course of time, it will cause excessive intraocular pressure and impaired vision. As a result, the incidence rate of glaucoma will increase and the eyeball will be enlarged and the axial length will increase.

3. Aggravating cerebral ischemia. Because of the pressure on the body parts, the heart rate will gradually slow down after falling asleep, and the blood flowing through various tissues will also be relatively slow, and the blood flowing into the brain will be less than usual. After lunch, more blood will enter the gastrointestinal tract to help digestion. Sleeping on the stomach will aggravate cerebral ischemia, eventually leading to dizziness, tinnitus, leg numbness and other symptoms.

4. Affect digestion, leading to chronic gastritis. It is not good for health to sleep just after eating at noon. Most people eat more lunch, and it takes about 3 hours to digest these foods. If you eat lunch immediately lie on the table to take a nap, the digestive function of the stomach is easy to be affected, resulting in flatulence of the stomach, reducing digestion capacity, affecting nutrient absorption, delaying gastric emptying, damaging the gastric mucosal barrier, thus leading to gastritis.

5. Cause cervical spondylosis. The main problem is posture. Sleeping on the table will make the neck tilt forward, which is opposite to the physiological bending of the spine. If the time is long, it will easily lead to spinal deformation, fatigue of neck and waist muscles, and cause spinal diseases.

Nap is a very good habit, we should pay attention to the use of the correct method, to maintain a healthy state, it is necessary to develop healthy living habits, do a good job of prevention, good health, can also maintain a good state, good look. In addition, we should pay attention to avoid wrong methods in daily life, and we must do a good job in preventing their own health.