Saturday, May 8

Often stay up late to harm the body, 3 ways to prevent staying up late

In daily life, we should know more about staying up late. We should pay attention to prevent and improve the problems, so as to reduce the harm to the body. During the day, everyone is at work. If you want to make full use of the time in the evening, you will have the habit of staying up late. In fact, the harm to your health is still relatively large. What should we do to prevent it?

The harm of staying up late

Lack of sleep can lead to obesity. Experiments have proved that when people sleep less than seven hours a day, it is easy to make the body secrete a substance commonly known as hunger hormone. It can lead to overeating. This leads to obesity symptoms.

Damage to eyesight, this point I want you to understand very well, because the symptoms, will lead to physical health problems, which will damage your health more. Generally, staying up late has something to do. No one doesn't do anything. Just stay up late, but we need to use our eyes to do anything. Watching TV, watching computers and watching mobile phones are harmful to our eyesight. Especially when we watch mobile phones in dark places at night, our eyesight will be damaged even more.

Easy to suffer from cancer, this point we must pay attention to do a good job in prevention, pay attention to daily conditioning, which may reduce the harm. Staying up late can cause the body's resistance to decline, so cancer will take advantage of it.

Increase the burden of gastrointestinal and liver, this is what we need to bear in mind, because the body needs to detoxify, which can avoid the impact and harm. People who stay up late usually have a habit of eating some food to resist hunger, because the time for eating at night is about 7 o'clock. If you go to bed at 1 o'clock in the middle of the night, there will be at least 6 hours. According to the physiological reaction of people, the food in the stomach will be emptied and the blood sugar will be reduced. At this time, it is easy to feel hungry, so they have the desire to eat, Eating in the middle of the night will increase the burden on the gastrointestinal tract, because the gastrointestinal tract needs to rest at this time. As a result, the liver also needs to be repaired. However, once the gastrointestinal tract enters the food, the liver is responsible for detoxification and detoxification. As a result, the liver can not rest. If you stay up late for a long time, your stomach and liver will be very dangerous.

Cardiovascular injury, cardiovascular disease is still relatively more, we should pay attention to such health problems, do a good job in response to measures to avoid physical health problems. Our heart is the pump of life. It always beats to supply blood for the whole body. Although the heart can't stop when sleeping, it can beat very slowly for self-healing. However, if you stay up late and go to bed late, it will make the heart beat very tired. If you don't get a good repair, the pump will go wrong. Moreover, once the heart goes wrong, it will be a big problem.

It is easy to cause traffic accidents. The driver's lack of sleep will cause his mental state to be bad. Because of the symptoms of loss of mind, mental malaise and other symptoms, resulting in serious traffic accidents, resulting in increased casualties or death rate.

Ways to prevent staying up late

1. Keep exercising before going to bed

The time before sleep, we should master, maintain a good amount of exercise, this is actually very important for everyone's health. If you plan to go to bed at 11 o'clock, you can choose to do exercise at about 10 o'clock. After exercise, people will feel tired. If you wash and gargle for half an hour, you can go to sleep quickly.

2. Don't have dinner late

After dinner time, try to arrange earlier, so as to keep everyone's diet digestion, because eating late, coupled with sleep, which is very bad for health. Some people are very busy. As a result, the dinner time is after 8 o'clock, which will delay the time and lead to staying up late. To choose the time for dinner at 6:30 or so, it is right to go to bed at 11:00.

3. Learn to control

At ordinary times, people use mobile phones, or computers more frequently. This point, we should pay attention to do a good job in daily prevention, and try to avoid the impact and harm. Although the computer, TV and mobile phone have very good things to watch, but, to control themselves, to ensure that the time to sleep on time every day.

These are all about the hazards of staying up late. In fact, the impact on health is relatively large. I hope you can do a good job in prevention in daily life, so as to reduce the impact and harm, and also can try to avoid the harm. We should pay attention to do a good job in diet conditioning, so as to improve the problems and avoid harm as much as possible.