Saturday, May 8

Sleep in is bad for the body, 7 methods to improve the problem of sleep in

What we like to do most in winter is to lie in bed. If we can have a good sleep in the morning and eat breakfast or not, it doesn't matter. However, experts point out that long-term sleep in is not good for the body, so we can supplement energy and make ourselves energetic. How can we improve the problem of sleeping in?

1. Exercise can also refresh you

How can you improve the problem of sleeping in? On weekends, get up early for jogging or walking for half an hour. You can also do some outdoor sports, such as mountain climbing, cycling, playing ball, etc., but do not exceed 2 hours. And in order not to let oneself feel tired.

2. I'm in a bad mood. Have some coffee and green tea

Coffee is refreshing. It's obvious. Drinking coffee can refresh and focus people in a short time. Adding cinnamon to coffee can make the brain more active, and the aroma of cinnamon can make people more alert and reduce emotional frustration. In other words, coffee and cinnamon can help you focus on the important things and not feel sorry for some setbacks or difficulties.

Green tea has a long history of refreshing. This is mainly because green tea contains L-theanine, amino acids and other ingredients, but also can enhance alpha brainwave. If you feel that coffee contains too much caffeine, you can choose to drink green tea, which can eventually relax and concentrate.

3. Take a medicine bath to boost your spirits

Soak the whole body, open the skin pores and acupoints of the whole body, take the meridians of the whole body as the channel, and at the same time, with the help of the warm water as the driving force, the medicine can reach the whole body, dredge the whole body, open the pores, accelerate the excretion of sweat glands, achieve the purpose of sweating, antipyretic, dispelling wind and dampness, warming meridians, dispersing cold, eliminating swelling and pain, and harmonizing Qi and blood.

How can you improve the problem of sleeping in? Drug ingredients quickly enter the body through the skin, orifices and acupoints. With the help of heat, the medicinal force circulates along the Ren and Du Meridians, achieving the magical effect of Qi and blood circulation around the sky, which can make the body spirit from inside to outside.

4. Eat enough protein

After sleeping all night, your metabolism and blood sugar are the lowest, and you need a healthy breakfast to replenish your energy. The right amount of protein, multicolored fresh fruits and vegetables, and a whole set of whole wheat grains.

5. One hour a day

People tend to overestimate their available time, and accordingly bear a lot of work tasks that they have no obligation to complete. In order to relieve the stress of the day, if you can set aside an hour every night to relax. Try not to be so tired, refuse all the complicated things that disturb this moment, and reduce the time spent with electronic products.

6. Get up with the sun and do morning exercises

Through the control of the body's physiological rhythm and biological clock, the maximum alertness will be reached around 10 am. Morning exercise boosts capacity, and it can also raise body temperature and adrenal levels for hours.

7. Let the light in the house

The strong light from the light box can be similar to the sunlight. The human brain is sensitive to light and temperature, which is why even after the longest and most tiring day, if you miss the best sleep time at night, you can't sleep in the morning.