Saturday, May 8

Take calcium tablets for calcium supplements. No, these foods are more effective

There are old people and children at home. Many people will order milk. Before dawn in the morning, the milkman will deliver the milk. It is accepted by many people to supplement calcium by drinking milk. Calcium is very important, as a life element, the lack of calcium ions, the body will be affected.

Manifestations of calcium deficiency

Once calcium deficiency occurs, the impact will be great. For example, calcium deficiency in the elderly is likely to cause lumbar and cervical pain, osteoporosis and tooth loosening will be obvious; if children lack calcium, it will affect their growth and grow not high; if young people lack calcium, they will also create anorexia and partial feeding.

It's better to take these than to take calcium tablets


Many people even if not lack of calcium, will also drink milk, through drinking milk, can regulate the body. There are more calcium ions in milk. At the same time, the proportion of calcium and phosphorus is appropriate, which is conducive to the absorption of calcium ions. For the elderly, children, women, through drinking milk can be very good calcium.

Bean Products

Edible soybean products can also supplement calcium, for example, bean curd and soybean milk made from soybean. Soybean products are rich in nutrition and rich in protein, which can supplement the body's amino acid needs. These amino acids are very similar to animal protein. It's very good to supplement nutrition and avoid calcium deficiency. Another thing we need to advocate is that eating soybean products will not cause high cholesterol.

Sesame paste

It is a popular practice to supplement calcium with sesame paste in recent years. The shell of sesame itself is hard, which can't digest and absorb thoroughly. However, after grinding, it can speed up the digestibility, which provides great convenience for calcium supplement.


Eating kelp for calcium supplement is also a practice highly praised by many nutritionists. Kelp is a kind of food material with extremely rich nutrient content. Compared with spinach, the calcium ion in it is dozens of times higher. In addition, by eating kelp, it can also reduce blood lipid.

Shrimp skin

Some places will call the shrimp skin "calcium storehouse", which shows how rich the calcium content is. Many people want to add calcium will do tofu, sprinkle a little shrimp skin, calcium will be better.

Chinese cabbage juice

In fact, the nutrition of cabbage juice is also very rich, and the content of calcium ion in it is not weaker than that of milk. Drinking cabbage juice to supplement calcium has become a thing that more and more people like to do, because it can also prevent constipation.


In the growth of children, parents can let it eat a little peanut, through eating peanuts can absorb calcium ions, calcium is very good. In addition, the amino acids in calcium ions can promote the metabolism and absorption of the body, which is also an excellent material. For example, it is a good way to make peanut porridge.

Calcium is an extremely important thing, not only by eating calcium tablets to complete, eating these foods, is very good for calcium, I hope you pay more attention to scientific eating, let you more health.