Saturday, May 8

Ten misunderstandings should be paid attention to when washing face in autumn

Washing face is the first step of skin care. Unexpectedly, simple face washing also contains University questions! Many skin problems, such as acne and blackhead, are caused by washing face. If the first step of skin care is wrong, then the future work of skin care will be in vain.

Myth: skin washing after cleansing cream will lead to loss of nutrients

Error correction: many people mistakenly think that the tightness after washing face is caused by facial cleanser removing sebum and natural moisturizer containing moisture in cuticle. In fact, every time you wash your face, it is an important moisturizing link. Fine bubbles can penetrate the pores and wash the skin stains. If it is a foaming cleansing cream containing rich nourishing ingredients, it can also make the nourishing ingredients smoothly enter the pores. Totally non foaming cleansing cream should be combined with foam cleansing cream, otherwise it will not be thoroughly cleaned, causing accumulation of oil and causing skin problems.

Misunderstanding 2: the more functions of facial cleanser, the more expensive, the better cosmetic effect

Error correction: washing face is to clean the skin. If too many functional ingredients will cause incomplete skin cleaning, at the same time, too many functional ingredients will enter the pores without any protection of the skin, which will cause a burden on the skin. Therefore, facial cleanser needs to meet two basic conditions: clean thoroughly and moisturize skin.

Myth 3: wash your face with a towel will be cleaner

Error correction: towel loop pile is dozens of times larger than pores, and it is difficult to thoroughly remove the deep dirt and grease. Towel that is not dry for a long time will also breed various bacteria and cause skin allergy by rubbing with skin. So the best way to wash your face is to use a soft cleansing sponge, and often dry and disinfect.

Myth 4: wash face with hot water can clean skin more thoroughly

Error correction: the choice of water temperature when washing face is very important. Overheated water can completely remove the protective film of skin, which is easy to relax the skin and enlarge the pores, resulting in rough skin and wrinkles. In addition, if the oil is washed off too much, it will accelerate the aging of the skin. The commonly used lower temperature water to wash the face will close the pores of the skin, and can't clean the dirt such as sebum, dust and residue accumulated on the face, which can not achieve the effect of beauty, but easily cause skin diseases such as acne, affecting the beauty. The correct way is to clean the face with 35 ℃ warm water, and then rinse with cold water.

Myth 5: face with makeup only cleanser, you can wash the face very clean

Error correction: for women who often make up, washing face must be divided into two steps: first, remove makeup with liquid, and then wash face with cleanser. Cleanser can only wash away sweat, sebum, aged cuticle cells and hydrophilic moisturizers, while the components in the makeup remover contain vegetable oil, oil-water emulsifier and surfactant, which can thoroughly clean the makeup and remove the residual dirt in the deep.

Myth 6: after washing face, air dry naturally, play the role of water

Error correction: because the natural evaporation will make the skin cool, vasoconstriction will cause skin dryness and peeling, easy to wrinkle. So after you wash your face, you should use toner immediately and use moisturizing cream.

Myth 7: sweating, washing your face several times a day will be cleaner

Error correction: the normal situation should be one time earlier and one time later. If you run outside for a day, sweat, dust make skin very uncomfortable, such a case can do a deep cleansing. In hot weather, it can be increased once a day.

Myth 8: after heavy make-up, wipe with a paper towel first, you can clean your makeup more easily

Error correction: wipe off the make-up with a paper towel is the most harmful to the skin, because the paper towel is rough, without oil and moisture, it will crumple the cosmetic particles into the skin pores, which will increase the difficulty of the cleaning work in the future, and make the skin rough. Should use good make-up remover, make-up removal techniques must be light.

Myth 9: use powerful cleansing products to wash clean

Error correction: when choosing cleaning products, you should choose a product with moderate cleanliness. If you wash off the grease excessively, it will often cause skin dryness and sensitivity. When you find that your face is red and peeling, and you are allergic to the usual maintenance products, you should check whether your face washing products are too stimulating and cleaning power is too strong. At this time, it is better to use a more moderate face washing product, otherwise, excessive cleaning is required Not only is not conducive to skin health, too dry skin is also easy to generate small fine lines, which can be more than worth the loss.

Myth 10: wash every corner of your face

Error correction: T-zone is the most easy place to hide dirt, it is best to rub it several times. The cheek should be gently kneaded from the bottom up, because the cuticle cells of the face are distributed layer by layer in the form of fish scales from top to bottom. If you clean the face in the opposite direction, it will be cleaner. Hair bun and temples are very easy to retain hair styling agent, so special attention should be paid to cleaning. The skin of eyes is particularly sensitive and should be cleaned at the end of the day to prevent irritation from cleansing products.