Saturday, May 8

The common healthy way to get up is to be energetic all day after getting up

You know what? An unhealthy way to get up doesn't make you feel energetic, but it makes you extremely tired. Therefore, experts suggest that the majority of friends grasp the healthy way to get up. How to get up better? Check several good health care effect of getting up, friends to learn it, so get up all day energetic!

Seven ways to get up:

1. Sunshine: if getting up early is an impossible task for you, let the sun help you. Because those full spectrum sunlight can regulate the concentration of serotonin and melatonin in the blood. When exposed to light, serotonin will speed up the body's metabolism, will want to sleep early that night, and will get up early the next day.

2. Sound: have you found that it is easy to press off the alarm clock that accompanies you for many years, because the brain is used to ignoring familiar sounds. Therefore, you can prepare two or three alarm clocks to use in turn, or romantically wake you up with music, because concerts promote the flow of oxygen and blood in the brain, so that the body also wants to move.

3. Fragrance: how to get up healthier? Fragrance can also stimulate the brain, improve perceptual function, and drive away drowsiness and fatigue. So some people make coffee in the morning and wake themselves up with the aroma of coffee. If you have vanilla plants on your balcony, you can also fill the washstand with water, pick a piece of mint and soak it in water. Mint has the effect of promoting blood circulation, which is also beneficial to the skin.

4. Sweetness: how to get up healthier? I always feel dizzy when I get up in the morning, because after one night's digestion, there is no nutrition in the brain, and the energy source of the brain is glucose. At this time, immediately supplement sweet food, such as bananas and apples, which will have an immediate effect.

5. Timing: you must have heard that it's very important to go to bed at the same time every day. If you just can't, try to get up at a fixed time every day. Within six weeks, the actual sleep rhythm will be consistent with your physiological rhythm. The regularity is very important for setting the physiological clock. So don't go back to sleep, it will make the rhythm more chaotic. Once you open your eyes, don't hesitate to get up. Even on weekends, you have to keep that pattern. If you stay up all night every weekend and sleep until noon the next day, you will know the pain immediately and get up again and again on Monday with a series of wails. So even if you stay up late on the weekend, you still have to get up at a fixed time and take a nap at noon, but the less this kind of thing is, the better.

6. Deep breathing: how to get up healthier? After getting up, deep breathing can help the body step out of a comfortable day. First inhale slowly, as if to the top of the head, and then spit out all the air, stop for two seconds, and do it again, so that the body can be filled with fresh morning air, and it is easy to feel energetic in a day.

7. Water: after bed together, immediately go to find water to drink, will let the body know that the new day is about to start. Moreover, humans sweat about a glass of water during sleep. If you drink wine the night before, you will feel like you are in the desert. Therefore, you should drink water first, and then enter the toilet to discharge the waste materials, which will make the body very comfortable.

There are six taboos when you get up

1. Don't urinate immediately after you wake up

If you drink too much water at night, or have frequent urination and urgent urination symptoms, you will often wake up in the morning. If you get up in a hurry to go to the toilet, you will often feel dizzy. Experts pointed out that when sleeping, the body's metabolic level decreases, the heart rate slows down, and the blood pressure drops, and all physiological functions operate slowly. At this time, suddenly go to the toilet, bladder emptying quickly, easy to induce hypotension, cause cerebral transient blood supply insufficiency, leading to micturition syncope. In the cold winter, the early morning is the "devil's time" for sudden myocardial infarction and stroke. The middle-aged and elderly people who wake up immediately go to the toilet, which is also easy to induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Therefore, even if the urine hold up again urgent, do not immediately get up to run to the toilet, but slowly get up, sit by the bed for a few minutes, and then slowly walk to the toilet.

2. Don't get up immediately after you wake up

Many people wake up in the morning and rush to get up, but was a dizzy feeling "knocked down.". Experts point out that after waking up, it takes a process for the human body to change from an inhibited state to an excited state. If you immediately get up to dress and wash, the body does not adapt to it, and the blood flow is relatively slow. If oxygen is not delivered to the brain in time, it is easy to have dizziness, dizziness and other discomfort. The elderly are also prone to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents. Zhou Yingchun suggests that when you wake up, don't get up in a hurry. Old people can do the following activities on their backs: first, rub their hands together and dry clean their faces several times; then massage the temples, back of the head and neck successively, 20 times; secondly, clench fists with both hands, lightly beat the back and waist 10 times, and then beat the outside of both legs; finally, push the center of feet alternately with two heels, and then rub the feet against the palms, Warm the soles of your feet.

3. Don't work immediately after you wake up

Some people have a tight job, and when they wake up, they start to work hard. But at this time the brain blood supply is insufficient, not only leads to low work efficiency, but also easy to fatigue. Zhou Yingchun suggests that if you are busy with your work, you'd better lie in bed with your eyes open after you wake up, and think about your plan for the day, so that your muscles and blood are slowly "awake" when you are "resting". Then slowly get up and stretch. What are the common healthy ways to get up? You can also do a small stretching exercise on the bed, relax the muscles of the whole body, straighten the left leg, bend the right leg, open the arms horizontally, and twist the upper body rhythmically for 20 times; then lie on your back, curl up and down, hold your knees with both hands for a while, and then roll up and down slowly for 20 times.

4. Don't eat immediately after you wake up

After a night's sleep, the stomach is still in the state of "half dream and half awake" in the morning, and it takes more than ten minutes to half an hour to wake up. Moreover, the amount of saliva and gastric juice secretion is relatively small in the morning. If you eat immediately, especially if you eat some hard to digest food (such as meat), it is easy to lead to dyspepsia. Tan Guijun, director of the Nutrition Department of Tianjin First Central Hospital, suggested that it is better to drink a glass of water after getting up in the morning, and then eat after a period of time. This cup of water can not only replenish the water lost during sleep, increase the secretion of digestive juice, but also promote blood circulation and prevent cardiovascular accidents. It should be noted that this cup of water should be boiled water with the same room temperature. Warm boiled water can be drunk in winter. Fruit juice, coffee, milk, carbonated drinks and salt water are not suitable. Also pay attention to, do not drink too much in the morning, a sip of water is more beneficial to the body.

5. Don't fold the quilt immediately after you wake up

Many parents have been educating their children since childhood to form the "good habit" of making quilts immediately after getting up. But a study from Kingston University in the UK shows that it's good for your physical and mental health not to fold your bed immediately after you get up. Even if it's a very tidy bedroom, there are at least 15 million mites in the bedding on each bed. Because the dust mites in the room are not easy to survive in the dry and revealed environment, and the folded quilt can easily preserve the temperature and sweat of human body, thus creating living conditions for dust mites. In addition, a large amount of exhaust gas is discharged during one night's sleep, including 149 kinds of chemical substances such as carbon dioxide, and about 150 kinds of substances evaporated from sweat. These substances will be adsorbed on the quilt. After getting up, they are not easy to be distributed, resulting in accumulation of harmful substances and microbial reproduction, which not only changes the nature of the quilt fiber, but also is absorbed by the human body at night, thus endangering health. Therefore, do not immediately fold the quilt and make the bed after getting up, but turn the quilt over, let the inside of the quilt face outward, and open the doors and windows for ventilation, and fold the quilt after washing.

6. Don't get out of bed when you wake up

Many office workers are used to lying in bed in bed during holidays. But most people who can't get up in bed feel like this: after lying for a long time, they feel their limbs are heavy, their spirits are listless, and they are not as energetic as getting up early on weekdays. Zhou Yingchun pointed out that lying down for a long time can hurt Qi, and sleeping in late is not conducive to the promotion of Yang Qi in human body, which leads to the stagnation of Qi. Some people's alarm clock rings several times before they get up in a hurry to wash, which will make the sympathetic nerve over excited, autonomic nervous disorder, easy to make people feel irritable. Early risers are healthier and happier than people who wake up later, according to a British Psychological Association study. Therefore, whenever you want to develop a good habit of not bad bed. Go to bed early on weekdays, try to get up a little earlier, and set aside time for a glass of water and breakfast. Don't stay in bed on holidays. Go to the morning market, buy some fresh fruits and vegetables, and come back to make breakfast to reward yourself. It's better to take part in aerobic exercise outdoors, which is far more enjoyable than staying in bed.

What are the common healthy ways to get up? Using a healthy way to get up will make you feel that getting up is not a strenuous thing, but if you get up in the wrong way every day, you will be listless, no heart to work and no heart. Pay attention to friends must seriously understand the healthy way to get up, these tips can let you every day full of passion into the work!