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To understand the harm of holding urine, you may never hold it again

There are a lot of people think that holding urine is a small matter, once or twice does not matter, habitual holding urine may bring great health risks to the body. Bladder is a store of urine. When it is full of urine, its shape is very much like a inflated balloon. It has the same elasticity as the balloon. If the urine inside is stored too much, it will send a message to the brain that you need to go to the toilet. If you receive the brain's reminder, but you don't execute the instruction to go to the toilet, you will hold your urine severely. When the urine in the bladder reaches the limit and can no longer store urine, it may be because of too much urine, the bladder will become thinner and thinner, and it will burst when it reaches the limit.

Hold urine these 5 harm, must understand, after knowing, you may not hold urine again

1. Urinary tract infection

Regular hold urine, will increase the probability of urethral infection. When the bladder is full of urine, if it is not emptied in time, the bacteria in the urine will multiply in this process, and urinary tract infection will occur over time.

2. Micturition syncope

When you go to the toilet after holding urine for a long time, you can open the gate to release the urine in the bladder in a short time, which may cause hypotension, dizziness, Venus syncope in both eyes.

3. Poor sleep quality

Whenever late at night, when the urine distension wakes up, most people will choose to hold urine, although lying in bed at this time, it is not sleepy. Suffocating urine will affect the quality of sleep, 2 hours before going to bed every day, try not to drink water to avoid being woken up by urine at night.

4. When I want to pee, I can't

Regular hold urine can cause when you go to the toilet, but there is no sense of urination, this is due to the long-term holding urine to weaken bladder contractility.

5. Female menstrual period holds water can cause dysmenorrhea lumbago

When female menstrual period holds urine can cause lumbago, bellyache symptom, this is because bladder stores urine excessively, oppresses the uterus, obstructs the uterine blood circulation.

In daily life, try not to hold urine, develop a good habit of urination, reasonable arrangement of their own entertainment, work, study time, do not let their body by the harm of holding urine. In the time allowed circumstances, must not hold urine, hold urine on the health of men is a lot of, cystitis is one of them, let's see how we should prevent cystitis in life.

Common symptoms of cystitis

For some bad habits of life, there have been frequent urination, urgency, pain symptoms, long-term existence, and repeated attacks, but not as serious as the acute phase, urine with a small or medium amount of pus cells, red blood cells. If cystitis is treated in time, the symptoms will soon disappear. At this time, patients should not be taken lightly. They should adhere to the treatment, and stop after the Doctor confirms that cystitis has been cured through examination, so as not to let cystitis become chronic.

Pay attention to keep away from infection and take preventive measures. Cystitis is a local inflammation of the bladder caused by bacterial infection. According to clinical manifestations, cystitis can be divided into acute and chronic, and the symptoms of the two are not the same. Acute cystitis is usually sudden onset, when urinating, there will be a strong burning pain, urethra will feel pain, often accompanied by frequent urination, urgency and other symptoms, while chronic cystitis is manifested as intermittent onset, often feel general fatigue, gradually emaciated, waist and abdomen and bladder will be accompanied by dull pain.

Do a good job in coping with measures, both men and women should do a good job in prevention. Compared with women, men who hold urine for a long time due to work are prone to suffer from cystitis. For example, office workers, taxi drivers, etc., the prevalence of cystitis is relatively high, almost all due to sitting, often holding urine and inactivity.

How to prevent cystitis?

1. More activities. Usually should try to maintain the amount of exercise, many male friends because of work often sit, lower body pressure for a long time will lead to poor blood circulation, to the bladder local nerve tissue caused compression, may cause cystitis.

2. Keep mental health. Mental health is very important. Although male friends usually work and live under great pressure, they should try to keep a cheerful and cheerful mental state. If they are depressed or depressed for a long time, they will produce a lot of viruses in their bodies, which is not conducive to their health.

3. Do not hold your urine. Do not hold urine casually, this is a bad habit, men should develop the habit of urination. Because often hold urine can cause the bladder capacity to reduce, will also lead to bladder parenchymal cell necrosis, at the same time cause ureter urine can occur reflux, cause renal edema or kidney inflammation, if the urine will produce severe pain.

4. Pay attention to hygiene. As a man should pay attention to personal cleanliness and cleanliness, men should always maintain the health of their lower body, pay attention to develop the habit of cleaning penis, to prevent the formation of prepuce scale breeding bacteria leading to urinary tract infection, pathogenic bacteria in the urinary tract up to the bladder, easy to cause bladder inflammation. In addition, husband and wife should also try to keep clean and hygienic when having sex.

5. Drink plenty of boiled water. Drinking more water will not do great harm to your health. Drink plenty of toxic water in the body, which can excrete toxins in the body. However, if you drink too much water, your urine will also increase. Don't drink water just because you will run to the toilet frequently. Otherwise, it will not be conducive to metabolism in the body.

Want to stay away from these diseases, we should do a good job in daily care, good body care, good for everyone's health, can also do a good job of maintenance. As a man should drink more water, pay more attention to the formation of health habits, so that the prevention of the body is good, can also reduce the harm to the body.